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Narrative Strategies in James Joyce's "Ulysses</I>


Sylvia Beeretz

With his «myriadminded» novel Ulysses, Joyce prepared entirely new paths for 20th-century fiction, especially in terms of narrative presentation. This study is concerned with the heterogeneous stylistic surface of the novel and the narrative strategies pursued in it, covering aspects such as Joyce's stream of consciousness-depiction, his linguistic manipulations and his general methods of producing textual disintegration on the one hand and patterns of coherence on the other. In addition, one chapter is dedicated to each of the individual episodes, and in working closely with the text their narrative structure and their style(s) are analyzed.
Contents: Stream of consciousness-presentation - Linguistic manipulations - The various style(s) and their implications - Micro- and macro-structure - Patterns of coherence and strategies of textual disintegration.