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A Third Millennium for Humanity?

The Search for Paths of Sustainable Development

Dietrich E. Leihner and Thomas A. Mitschein

An increasing world population with an ever greater need and greed strains the world's finite resources to exhaustion: Atmosphere, water, soil and genetic resources are being used and destroyed at an alarming pace. The Forum Belém I conference succeeded in bringing together a group of international administrators, businessmen, policy makers and scientists to identify emerging concepts that combine resource use with conservation and replace wasteful and destructive consumption with the use of renewable materials and non-destructive technologies. Intelligent changes in technological processes together with a transformation of political, social and institutional thinking are proposed, indicating paths toward sustainable development. A vision is given of incipient approaches toward world sustainability allowing mankind to live and prosper throughout a third millennium.
Contents: Jacques Marcovitch: A Global Vision of Sustainable Development and Its Challenges in Today's World - Ignacy Sachs: Sustainable Development: Future Scenarios at Global Level - Nicolás Matéo: Wild Biodiversity: The Last Frontier? - Roger R. B. Leakey: The Use of Biodiversity and Implications for Agroforestry - Ferdinand Panik: The Use of Biodiversity and Implications for Industrial Production - Gertrude Mongella: Paths of Sustainable Development - Regional Dimensions of the Challenge: The Case of Africa - Mohiuddin Alamgir: Paths of Sustainable Development - Regional Dimensions of the Challenge: The Case of Asia - Jorge Castañeda: The Long Road Towards Sustainable Development in Latin America - Regional Dimensions of the Challenge - Walt V. Reid: Paths of Sustainable Development: The North American Case - Claus-P. Hutter: Paths of Sustainable Development: The Case of Europe - Juan E. Corradi: Venture Capital As a Development Tool - P. G. Vijaya Sherry Chand / Kirit K. Patel. / S. Murali Krishna and Anil K. Gupta: Contracts for 'Compensating' Creativity: Framework for Rewarding Grassroot Creativity and Innovation - Paul Leatherman: Fair Trade Organisations: Is This the Fairest Trade of All? - Lawrence F. Williams: The Search for Environmentally Sustainable Development in the United States - Claire Dansereau: Respecting the Land - Securing Our Future: Sustainable Forest Management in British Columbia, Canada - N. Pinto de Oliveira / C. Macias de Oliveira and C. Cavalcanti Ribeiro: Development without Destruction: A Directive for Sustainable Development in Pará - Adalberto Veríssimo and Paulo Amaral: Forestry in the Amazon: Current Situation and Prospects - Ben Aninakwa: Paths of Sustainable Forestry Development: The Experience of Ghana - Hector Escandell G.: Foundations for the Sustainable Development of the Venezuelan Amazon: A Regional Development Plan - Juan Martinez: Indigenous Communities and Sustainable Development in the Ecuadorian Amazon - Ismael Osseamane: Development Projects: The Experiences of the General Union of Co-operatives in Mozambique - Thomas A. Mitschein and Pedro S. Miranda: POEMA: A Proposal for Sustainable Development in Amazonia - Reinhard Henning: Fuel Production Improves Food Production: An Integrated System Using the Physic Nut (Jatropha curcas L.) - Konrad Scheffer: Use of Wet Biomass for Thermal Power Generation, Oil and Fibre Production - Eberhard Kübler: Use of Natural Fibres as Reinforcement in Composites for Vehicles: Research Results and Experiences.