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Theory and Practice of Translation

Nobel Symposium 39- Stockholm, September 6-10, 1976

Lillebill Grähs, Gustav Korlén and Bertil Malmberg

This volume contains the collected material of the proceedings of a symposium on the theory and practice of translation in Stockholm, 6-10 September 1976, sponsored by the Nobel Foundation. The volume contains original papers by the following recognized European experts: Leif Ludwig Albertsen, Bertil Albrektson, C.G. Bjurström, Eugen Coseriu, Norman Denison, Nils Erik Enkvist, G. Francescato, Ruth Fröland, Maurice Gravier, Werner Koller, Gustav Korlén , José Lambert, Bertil Malmberg, Els Oksaar, Jonas Palm, Léon Robel, Bengt Sigurd, Mario Wandruska and Wolfram Wilss.