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Palestinian Perspectives


Wolfgang Freund

This collective book is the first volume of the social sciences oriented series Controversies from the Promised Land. Mainly Palestinian academics and opposition leaders (Hamas, Islamic Jihad) analyze and interpret the socio-political situation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 6 years after the Israeli-Palestinian «Oslo Agreements». «Academic Studies» and «Essays-Reports-Opinion Papers» build the two parts of this book. It addresses scholars, decision-makers, opinion-leaders who want to understand roots and essentials of a historical and political conflict which endorses the whole 20th century, displaying enough vicious potential to remain on stage after the Year 2000, too.
Contents: Amine Aït-Chaalal: The Middle East Peace Process: Progress - Shortcomings - Challenges - Khalil Shikaki: Political Affiliations Among Palestinians - Yousef Al-Aili: Jerusalem: Identity or Crisis of Conscience? - Walid Mustapha: Demographic Changes in East (Arab) Jerusalem Under the Israeli Occupation - Farid Abu-Dheir: Freedom of Press in Palestine: Present and Future Perspectives - Nashat A. Aqtash: Reliability and Validity of Palestinian Mass Media News, as Seen by Intellectual Public in Gaza Strip - Nezam Al-Abbasi: Problems of Teaching History in the Occupied Palestinian Territories - Palestine Center for Studies and Research, Political Unit: Benyamin Netanyahu, the Evangelists, and Bill Clinton: A Contradictory Relationship Between Israel and the USA - Mohamed Hindi: Islamic Role and Dimension in Palestine - Hédi Eckert: Palestine - Middle East - Quelle identité culturelle? - Abdelaziz Rantisi: Hamas Towards the West - Ismail H. Abu-Shanab: An Islamic Approach of the Resistance Against Israeli Occupation in Palestine: The Strategy of «Hamas» in the Present and in the Future - Ghazi A. Hamed: The Relationship Between Hamas and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA): The Conflictual Past and the Unknown Future - Yousef Aref: Reflections on Education in the West Bank Between 1967 and 1998 - Abdessattar Kassem: Palestinian Citizen and Brokers of Knowledge.