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Rebuilding Civil Society: Nonformal Adult Education and Voluntary Organizations - The Hungarian Experience


Carol Pandak

This research study draws upon the concepts of civil society to investigate how nonformal adult education offered through voluntary organizations encourages or discourages the development of civil society in Hungary. Since the demise of Soviet-style socialism in 1989-1990, the number of voluntary organizations in Hungary has exploded as has the interest in (re)building civil society. Through the use of qualitative research methodologies, this study provides an analysis of the trend in Hungary towards the professionalization of the organizations and activities which reside within civil society. The argument is made that nonformal adult educators and voluntary organization leaders adopt a more critical practice informed by transformative adult education and democratic communication, as well as reconceptualize their roles in shaping the civil society discourse.
Contents: Civil Society - Nonformal Adult Education - Voluntary Organizations - Nonprofit Management - Role of Intellectuals - Professionalization - Hungary.