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The Great Good Place?

A Collection of Essays on American and British College Mystery Novels

Peter Nover

Ever since Arthur Conan Doyle's hawk-faced detective Sherlock Holmes and his chronicler Dr Watson followed the advice of Horace, to seek truth «inter silvas Academi», the groves of Academus have been swept by a wave of violence. Judging from the impressive number of bodies discovered on American and British campuses in fiction, it does not seem far-fetched to draw the conclusion that behind the Eden-like façade of the Great Good Place each of the seven Deadly Sins is enjoyed to the full. Looking back on almost nine decades of college mystery novels, the genre has certainly lost none of its appeal. Considering its hybrid nature, the aim of the present anthology is to cover numerous aspects of the productive field of college mystery novels.
Contents: John Kramer: The American College Mystery: An Interpretative History - Andrew Taylor: The Oxbridge Way of Death - Martin Edwards: «He's not dead. He's in Balliol.» - Susanne Rauter: Medieval Scholars and Crime: Combining the Academic and the Historical Modes of Detective Fiction - B.J. Rahn: Who Gets Away with Murder in Detective Fiction - Ron Hamm: The Value-Added Component in Selected Contemporary American Academic Crime Fiction - Von Pittman: The Good, the Bad, and the Clueless: Night School in the Academic Mystery - Susanne M. Maier: The Scholar as Detective: The Literary Life of Carolyn G. Heilbrun as Amanda Cross's Kate Fansler - Uwe Baumann: The Campus - A Cozy Place where Comedy Meets Crime: Charlotte MacLeod's Rest You Merry, Robert Robinson's Landscape with Dead Dons, and Ruth Dudley Edwards' Matricide at St Martha's - Marsha McCurley: Murder in the Stacks: Defining the Academic Bibliomystery - Amy Romig: Authors in the Titles of College Mystery Novels: A Call to Authority or Just Name Dropping? - Peter Nover: Shrewsbury College Revisited: Ovidian and Shakespearean Traces in Gaudy Night- Barrie Hayne: «Knowing Their Business and Attending to It»: The Professoriat and the Police Force - J.K. Van Dover: Tough Guys and Ivory Towers.