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Developments in Land Law

Reports and Discussions of a German-Korean Symposium held in Berlin and Trier on July 21-24, 1997


Bernd von Hoffmann and Myong-Chan Hwang

In the context of German reunification one of the most important political decisions which had to be taken was the question how to reprivatize the land having been nationalized during the communist rule. At first the principle «restitution before compensation» was laid down which later on was replaced by the principle «investment before restitution, restitution before compensation» due to the difficulties to attract investors to the new Lands. The first part of the reports collected in this book deals with the legal implementation of those principles in Germany and the question if the experiences gained thereby can be used for a necessary land reform after a future Korean reunification. The second part compares classical topics such as land taxation, land law and land planning law in Germany and Korea. Finally an outlook on international trends in land law is taken.
Contents: Yong-Bum Lee: A Plan to Reprivatize Land in North Korea after Unification - Burkhard Heß: Reprivatization of Land in East Germany - Jae-Young Son: Land Development, Infrastructure Investment, and Economic Reconstruction in North Korean Regions - Hansjörg Schaal: The Role of the Treuhandanstalt in Privatizing Real Estate Property of the Former GDR - Sang-Tae Lee: The Land Law in North Korea - Sang Yong Kim: Contents and Evaluation of Civil Law of North Korea - Peter O. Mülbert: Welcome Address - Myong-Chan Hwang: Reforming the Public Land Valuation System in Korea - Rudolf Wendt: New Developments in German Land Taxation - Astrid Stadler: Sale of Land - Contract of Sale and Transfer of Title - Hans Wieling: The Land Register - Seokin Huang: Land Registration in Korea - Tae-Il Lee: The Land Use Planning System for Unified Korea - Gerhard Robbers: Urban land planning in Germany - Bernd von Hoffmann: International Trends in Land Policy.