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Foundations for Knowing God

Bernard Lonergan's Foundations for Knowledge of God and the Challenge from Antifoundationalism


Ulf Jonsson

The Canadian theologian and philosopher Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984) is widely recognized as an outstanding representative of 20th-century Catholic thought, especially because of his contributions in the areas of cognitional theory and theological methodology. His legacy is regarded as an important source of inspiration for the discussion of how to shape the foundations of theology. In the present study, Jonsson helps us to follow the lines of thought in Lonergan's main philosophical work Insight, a fascinating book but not of easy access to most readers. Along with a comprehensive introduction to Lonergan's thought in general, this work provides a detailed account of Lonergan's theory of how to ground knowledge of God. The author breaks new ground by examining Lonergan's philosophical theology from the perspective of the foundationalist dispute in contemporary epistemology.
Contents: Detailed account of B. Lonergan's philosophical theology, along with a comprehensive introduction to his philosophy in general - Discussion of Lonergan's foundations for knowledge of God from the perspective of the foundationalist debate.