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Practical Theology - International Perspectives


Friedrich Schweitzer and Johannes A. van der Ven

Contents: Friedrich Schweitzer/Johannes A. van der Ven: Introduction - Duncan B. Forrester: Can Theology be Practical? - Dietrich Rössler: The Unity of Practical Theology - Marcel Viau: Practical Theology: Instigator of a New Apologetic - Don Browning: Toward a Fundamental and Strategic Practical Theology - James W. Fowler: The Emerging New Shape of Practical Theology - Karl E. Nipkow: Practical Theology and Contemporary Culture. Paradigms for Present and Future - Richard R. Osmer: Practical Theology as Argument, Rhetoric, and Conversation - Paul Ballard: Practical Theology as the Theology of Practice - Reiner Preul: Contextuality and the Unity of Practical Theology - Don Browning: The Idea of the International Academy of Practical Theology - Bernard Reymond: Principles and Methods of Practical Theology: A Protestant Francophone Perspective - Wilhelm Gräb: Practical Theology Today: Integration and Identification - Mary E. Mullino Moore: Feminist Practical Theology and the Future of the Church - Jacques Audinet: Practical Theology. A Way of Theologising - Maureen Junker-Kenny: The Individualization of Faith: Modernization, Church Authority, and the Given Truth of the Gospel - Norbert Greinacher: The Importance of Religion: The Place of the Organized Churches in Today's Secular Society - Norbert Mette: Practical Theology and Political Theology - Gerben Heitink: Practical Theology: An Empirical-Orientated Approach - Frans-Xaver Kaufmann: Normativity and Context in Sociological Perspective - James W. Fowler: Practical Theology and the Social Sciences - Friedrich Schweitzer: Practical Theology, Contemporary Culture, and the Social Sciences - Interdisciplinary Relationships and the Unity of Practical Theology as a Discipline - Johannes A. van der Ven: An Empirical Approach in Practical Theology - Karl E. Nipkow: The Role of Method in Practical Theology - James E. Loder: Normativity and Context in Practical Theology - Klaus Wegenast: Practical Theology and the Science of Exegesis - Abraham A. Berinyuu: An African Approach to Fundamental Practical Theology - Hendrik J.C. Pieterse: A Theological Theory of Communicative Actions - Joon Kwan Un: Christian Education as Historical Transformation - Jürgen Henkys: Experiences of Context in Different Locations: Germany - Friedrich Schweitzer: The Cultural Context of Practical Theology: A German Perspective.