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When the Spirit Meets the Spirits

Pentecostal Ministry Among the Kankana-ey Tribe in the Philippines


Julie Ma

What would happen when the Christian message is introduced to various groups of people? How would their contexts and worldviews influence their responses to the message? To this age-old missiological question, the study takes the readers to a narrowed and concerted question, «What is the effect of Pentecostal messages on animistic people,» or in other words, «What are the results when the (Holy) Spirit meets the spirits of the tribal people?» Julie Ma chose the Kankana-ey tribe in the northern Philippines to prove that the Pentecostal type of Christian has invited a very positive response from the Kankana-eys. She approaches the matter from historical, anthropological and theological perspectives. This may challenge the readers to look more closely at the phenomenal Pentecostal movement, especially with their potential for mission. She also urges her fellow Pentecostals to be more appreciative of their heritage and to fully appropriate it to reach «the end of the earth.»
Contents: Mission – Pentecostal – Animism – Philippines – Kankana-ey tribe – Worldview – Contextualization – Anthropology.