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The Times They Are A-Changin': The Evolution of Rock Music and Youth Cultures

Rene Kolloge

In this book, the author analyses why it has become natural to regard rock and pop music as cultural practice today and what were the reasons for the parallel evolution of youth cultures as the typical rock audience. In the first part of the book, structures and functions of popular music are examined as well as theoretical approaches to popular culture in general or the mass media system. The line of argumentation in the book's second part follows the chronological order of rock music's history from 1955 until the end of the sixties. This period is regarded as most crucial for rock and pop music by the author, because here basic structures, genres and styles evolved. Its relevance can still be recognised today in a variety of modern rock styles as well as in contemporary Techno culture or the postmodern character of music videos.
Contents: Theories and functions of popular culture, popular music and the mass media system - A chronological account of the evolution of rock music - An analysis of the sixties' counterculture, its sociology, its music and its historical relevance - Video culture as one example for postmodernism in rock culture.