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Competition or Convergence

The Future of European Legal Culture

Günter Weick

The inspiration for this volume of essays is a British-German conference held in 1998 in Rauischholzhausen Castle near Giessen (Germany). 15 authors from the United Kingdom and Germany deal with problems of competition and convergence of European legal systems in the context of important fields of law, for example Constitutional Law and the law of ethnic minorities, Criminal Law, Telecommunication Law, Contract Law, Securities, Law of Employment, Law of Procedure and Health Law.
Contents: Geoffrey Wilson: The Constitutional Role of the British Judge - Brun-Otto Bryde: The Role of Constitutional Jurisprudence in German Democracy - Heinhard Steiger: Der Vertrag von Amsterdam: Auf dem Weg zu einer europäischen Republik? - John McEldowney: Towards a New Public Law for the United Kingdom? Devolution and Constitutional Change - Istvan Pogany: Bilateralism vs. Regionalism in the Resolution of Minorities Problems in Central and Eastern Europe and in Post-Soviet States - Astrid Wallrabenstein: Problems of «Minorities» in the Baltic States - Günter Heine: Corporate Criminal Liability - New Challenges for the UK and Germany - Walter Gropp: On the Way to a Criminal Law of the European Union? - Chris Marsden: The European Digital Convergence Paradigm: From Structural Pluralism to Behavioural Competition Law - Heike Simon: No Win no Fee - a Choice for German Civil Procedure? - Hugh Beale: 'Relational' Aspects of Contracts in Germany and England - A Research Proposal - Günter Weick: Some Aspects of Competition and Convergence in Contract Law - Martina Schulz: Security Rights in Movable Assets Forming Part of a European Civil Code? - Eberhard Jung: Fixed-term Employment and Part-time Employment in the German Legal System - an Example for Europe? - John A. Harrington: Aids, Public Health and the Law. A Comparative Analysis.