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School Teachers

Professional and Demographic Characteristics

Jianping Shen

School Teachers provides insightful empirical findings on crucial issues including:
- highly qualified teachers
- teacher diversity
- alternative certification
- teacher attrition
- inequity in the distribution of quality teachers
- teacher education in the context of school-university partnership
This book is a useful resource for teacher educators, policymakers, and researchers.
Contents: Xuejin Lu/Jianping Shen/Sue Poppink: Are teachers qualified? A national study of secondary public school teachers using SASS 1999-2000 – Jianping Shen/Sue Poppink: The certification characteristics of the public school teaching force: National, longitudinal, and comparative perspectives – Jianping Shen/Gary L. Wegenke/Van E. Cooley: Has the public teaching force become more diversified? National and longitudinal perspectives on gender, race, and ethnicity – Jianping Shen/Nancy B. Mansberger/Huilan Yang: Teacher quality and students placed at risk: Results from the Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study 1993-97 – Jianping Shen: The distribution of the quality of the public teaching force: Results from multiple waves of schools and staffing surveys – Jianping Shen: Has the alternative certification policy materialized its promise? A comparison between traditionally and alternatively certified teachers in public schools – Jianping Shen: Alternative certification, minority teachers, and urban education – Jianping Shen: Alternative certification and math and science teachers – Jianping Shen/Louann Bierlein Palmer: Inadequate Preparation Does Impact Teacher Attrition – Jianping Shen: Teacher retention and attrition in public schools: Evidence from the 1990-91 Schools and Staffing Survey – Jianping Shen/Chia-lin Hsieh: Improving the professional status of teaching: Perspectives of future teachers, current teachers, and education professors – Jianping Shen: Student teaching in the context of a school-university partnership: A case study of a student teacher – Jianping Shen: A study of contrast: Visions of preservice teacher education in the context of a professional development school.