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Warriors for Peace

A Sociological Study on the Austrian Experience of UN Peacekeeping


Franz Kernic and Harald Haas

This study deals with sociological and socio-psychological aspects of UN Peacekeeping missions focusing on the Austrian experience. The study is broad and descriptive covering a spectrum that ranges from the soldier's motivation to join UN-troops to the social and psychological problems encountered during service. The main purpose is to give a broad overview of work-related experiences during the tour of duty. The emphasis is on the Austrian soldier's life and his experiences as a peacekeeper. The study focuses primarily on an Austrian battalion (AUSBATT/UNDOF) deployed to the Golan Heights. Their mission can be considered a traditional UN Peacekeeping operation. In addition, some data on the Austrian IFOR contingent to Bosnia is included.
Contents: Sociology - Military sociology - Psychology - Golan Heights - Bosnia - UN peacekeepers: background, motivation, expectations, experiences, problem areas and military leadership.