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The Personal Names of the Latin Inscriptions in Bulgaria


Milena Minkova

The aim of the work is to collect and analyze onomastically all Latin epigraphical material of Bulgaria (1200-1300 inscriptions). It assembles an exhaustive anthroponymical catalogue of these inscriptions, which could be used in a future general onomasticon of the Latin inscriptions in the Roman empire. The work assesses the origin and the social position of most of the name-holders. Thus, it makes general observations concerning ethnic cross-influences in the area of present-day Bulgaria (the ancient provinces of Moesia Inferior and Thracia), as well as about the changes in the structure of Roman nomenclature. Finally, it enriches the existing repertory of Latin nomina gentilicia and cognomina.
Contents: Introduction – Catalogues: nomina gentilicia; cognomina; supernomina; cognomina masculina absolute dicta; cognomina masculina aliis additis; cognomina feminina absolute dicta; cognomina feminina aliis additis; praenomina; tribus – Indices – Conclusions – Addenda ad «Repertorium nominum gentilium et cognominum Latinorum» – Bibliography.