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Sustainability and University Life

Second, revised edition


Walter Leal Filho

Prepared in cooperation with the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF), this book presents a number of case studies and experiences which illustrate how higher education institutions (e. g. universities and colleges) may pursue sustainability. A wide range of views and perspectives illustrate how, via projects, networks, academic programmes, curriculum greening initiatives and student involvement, higher education institutions in various countries (for example the United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France) are trying to bring sustainability closer to their institutional lives.
Contents: Walter Leal Filho: Sustainability and University Life: some European Perspectives – Richard M. Clugston/Wynn Calder: Critical Dimensions of Sustainability in Higher Education – Andy Davey/Graham Earl/Roland Clift: Driving Environmental Strategy with Stakeholder Preferences - A Case Study of the University of Surrey – Karel F. Mulder: Technology and Sustainable Development: Sustainability as a challenge for engineers – Steve Breyman: Sustainability Through Incremental Steps? The Case of Campus Greening at Rensselaer – Alberto Arenas: Managing U.S. Campuses with an Ecological Vision – Aaron Allen: Institutional change and leadership in greening the campus – J. Roturier/A. de Almeida/E. Apostolidou/D. Berbecaru/J.F. Bonnet/R. Cazanescu/P. Faucher/S. Gabriel/A. Gula/M. Kwiatkowski/T. Laine/Th. Lamouche/J. Norgard/Ph. Outrequin: «ECOCAMPUS»: a «Practice-What-You-Preach» European collaboration – Nan Jenks-Jay: Institutional Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability: A Peak of Excellence at Middlebury College – Andreas Megerle/Heidi Megerle: University support to local and regional agenda initiatives for sustainable development – Jacob Park/Ted Tschang: Sustainability and Higher Education in Asia-Pacific – Robert S. Whyte: Promoting Environmental Citizenship and Sustainability in Regional Campuses: Experiences from a Consortium of 15 Colleges and Universities – Hanno Lans: The Dutch Sustainability Award for Higher Education 1998 – David W. Orr: Transformation or Irrelevance: The Challenge of Academic Planning for Environmental Education in the 21st Century – Scott Cole: Greening Campuses: An overview of student activism and progressive administration – Eugene B. Bakko: Sustainable agriculture and land management in the liberal arts: A case study – Samson Katikiti: Unversity and Sustainability: an African perspective – Alexander Barkaw: The Need for Student Inputs: oikos - International Student Organization for Sustainable Economics and Management.