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II Samuel 21-24. Context, Structure and Meaning in the Samuel Conclusion


Herbert H. Klement

The appraisal of the Samuel Conclusion (2 Samuel 21-24) is performed by means of an extensive analysis of the literary features and structures of the Books of Samuel as a whole. In this sense the dissertation does more than the title leads one to expect. While the basic structure of the Conclusion itself is well known, this is a quite new demonstration that it forms an integral part of 1-2 Samuel and should no longer be regarded as an Appendix. The approach owes much to modern literary methods, but not at the expense of the historical interest. It understands 1-2 Samuel as a self-contained writing and is sceptical against the tendency to interpret the books of Joshua to Kings as parts of the Deuteronomistic History, and the «canonical» divisions between them as artificial.
Contents: Story of the Interpretation of 2 Sam 21-24 - Recurring Structural Elements in Samuel - Macrostructure of Samuel - Chiasmus and Aspektive - David and his Prophets - Songs of Victory and Mourning - Psalms in Narrative Contexts - Songs in the Centre - People as Losers - Saul in the Finale - The Kingly Ideal - Davidic Rule as Jahweh's will.