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Prophecy in the Church

The Vision of Yves Congar


Victor Dunne

Yves Congar, recognised as the ‘Father’ of Vatican II, was one of the most significant reformers of the Catholic Church during the twentieth century. His emphasis on the Spirit’s engagement in the Church, the necessity for all Christians to be ‘born again’, the ecclesial activity of the baptised faithful, and the full implementation of the principle of collegiality still has great relevance for the Church, as she moves into the Third Millennium. This book explores Congar’s vision of ecclesial prophetic activity and proposes ways in which it can be developed so that the charism of prophecy may be more effectively employed in the Church. It discusses the ability of every Christian to prophecy and it shows that many ecclesial activities are permeated with prophecy. The popular perception of prophecy as some extraordinary charism relating to prediction is given its proper status. Basically, a prophet communicates a message from God to the community for its benefit. Congar asserts that prophecy is essential for the pilgrim people of God. With its assistance, the Church comes to know God’s plan for her and she is stimulated to realise this plan; a plan that urges her forward on her pilgrimage towards the eschaton. Indeed, when the faithful receive and live out prophetic insights, the Church ushers in a spirit of hope in the world and facilitates the coming of the Kingdom of God.
Contents: Ecclesiology – Congar – Prophetic Activity – Church – Hierarchy – Laity – Charism – Ecclesial Reform – Pilgrim People – Ministry – Collegiality – Communion – Magisterium – Witness – Small Ecclesial Communities – Team Ministry – The roles of Christ and the Spirit in the Church.