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Organs, Organisms, Organisations

Organic Form in 19th-Century Discourse


Tadeusz Rachwal and Tadeusz Slawek

The volume addresses the question of organic form and organicity from various theoretical and critical perspectives. Nineteenth-century discourse in Europe and in America circulates numerous, sometimes incompatible, versions of organicity, which are all «humanist», mostly due to the conviction of the centrality of the ‘human’ itself. What is searched for is a natural essence of humanity, of human products, organisations and values without any regard to class, race and gender, an issue addressed by a number of texts in the volume, ranging from analyses of Romantic visions of harmonious universe and attempts at their implantation in South Africa to attempts at legitimising humanity via granting some rights to animals.
Contents: Tadeusz Rachwał/Tadeusz Sławek: An Introductory Note – John Simons: Nietzsche, Darwin and Balaam’s Ass – Marek Wilczyński: Organic Chemistry. Body and Flesh in the Economy of Transcendentalism – Marta Wiszniowska: You are my wife, my mother, my sister: you are the sum of all loving care to me. From Marriage a la mode to Marriage of Commitment – Małgorzata Nitka: Of Metaphors and Machines – Ewa Borkowska: Pater’s Ploughmen's Organic Appreciations – Thomas Anessi: Jane Porter’s Thaddeus of Warsaw and the Evolution of the English Historical Novel – Rafal Boryslawski: Imperial Anglo-Saxonism: On the Organic Roots of the English Sense of Superiority in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries – Zbigniew Białas: The Route to King Solomon’s Mines – Erhard Reckwitz: Thomas Pringle and the Failure of Romantic Organicism in South Africa – Allan Parkinson: Between the Clockwork and the Living Universe – Rafał Dubaniowski: ‘No wish profaned my overwhelmed heart’: the Organic Phantasms of S. T. Coleridge – Piotr Zazula: Baudelaire’s Metropolis - an Organic Machine – Bruno F. Arich-Gerz: Texture – Bernd Herzogenrath: The Education of Henry Adams: A Physical Theory of Heredity/Heresy – Joseph Kuhn: The «insane green»: Abnormal Psychology and the Organic in the Literature of the South – Magdalena Zapędowska: The Figure of the Tree in Nineteenth-Century Discourse – Gerald Majer: Organicism and Contagion in Bagehot’s Physics and Politics – Daria Mionskowska: Duality of orders in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens – Aneta Wojtasik: The Organic World of Alice in Wonderland.