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From the «Tractatus» to the «Tractatus» and Other Essays


Gianluigi Oliveri

The present collection of essays aims at casting light on important elements of Wittgenstein‘s thought and intellectual development.
Some of Wittgenstein’s ideas are here discussed using the «Tractatus» as a frame of reference, others by relating them to the views of G. Frege, G.E.M. Anscombe and D. Davidson.
Contents: Gianluigi Oliveri: Introduction – David Pears: Was the Early Wittgenstein a Solipsist? – Eros Corazza: Understanding ‘I’: A Wittgensteinian Perspective – János Laki: The Fall of the «Two-Steps Model» – Hans-Johann Glock: Sense and Meaning in Frege and the Tractatus – Severin Schroeder: Elucidation and Ostensive Explanation – Kathrin Glüer: Wittgenstein and Davidson on Agreement in Judgment – Mathieu Marion: Operations and Numbers in the Tractatus – Wolfgang Kienzler: About the Dividing Line between Early and Late Wittgenstein – P.D.M. Spelt/Brian McGuinness: Marginalia in Wittgenstein’s Copy of Lamb’s Hydrodynamics – Denis Paul: Frege Notes.