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Integrating Concepts of Sustainability into Education for Agriculture and Rural Development


Wout van den Bor, Peter Holen, Arjen E.J. Wals and Walter Leal Filho

The book deals with the issue of sustainability as a whole and to its application in the context of higher agricultural education in particular. It contains a wide range of international experiences on the subject, deriving from case studies, projects and research performed in Europe, North America and Oceania. This publication provides a key contribution to the debate on sustainability at university level and on how it is applied to agriculture and rural development.
Contents: W. van den Bor/P. Holen/A.E.J. Wals: Introducing sustainability in higher education: a concept in progress – J. Bryden/M. Shucksmith: The concept of sustainability in relation to agriculture and rural development in the European Union – N. Röling: Sustainability as an outcome of human interaction: Implications for curricula in higher agricultural education in industrialised countries – S. O' Reilly: The role of development ethics and ‘the right to food’ in the analysis of sustainability – A. Dreyfus/A.E.J. Wals: Anchor points for integrating sustainability in higher agricultural education – T. Shallcross/J. Robinson: A deep green ethical activity? Educating for sustainability in teacher education in the UK – A. Koutsouris: Curricular debates vis a vis sustainability – C. Francis/J. Helenius/G. Lieblein/J. Porter/H. Olsen/L. Salomonsson: Conceptual foundation for innovative education in agroecology – J. Helenius: Sustainability in agroecology – E. Goewie: Sustainability in agronomy education – M. Adomßent: Signs, traces and integration of the sustainability concept in higher agricultural education in Germany – W. L. Filho: Recognising and addressing misconceptions on the concept of sustainability at university level – J. Shute/T. Michaels: Sustainable agricultural curricula: between evolution and revolution – M. Slavík/I. Miller: Sustainable agriculture and rural development in the teaching process in agricultural education: a case study from the Czech Republic – E. Sfakiotakis/S. Sakellariadis: A pilot training programme on sustainability for higher agricultural education in Northern Greece – S. Benn: Progress towards education for sustainability at USNW – L. Grant/K. Walker: Sustainability at the University of Technology, Sydney - a holistic approach – A. Schutte/F. Dröge: Integrating sustainability at the Van Hall Instituut – M. Bras-Klapwijk/A. de Haan/K. Mulder: Training of lecturers to integrate sustainability in the engineering curricula – R. Bawden: The cautionary tale of the Hawkesbury Experience: a case study of reform in agricultural education – W. van den Bor/P. Holen/A.E.J. Wals: Sustainability in higher (agricultural) education: a synthesis.