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Workers, Firms and Unions

Part 2- The Development of Dual Commitment


Akihiro Ishikawa, Roderick Martin, Witold Morawski and Veljko Rus

The book provides a comparative analysis of the values and attitudes of industrial workers in thirteen capitalist and ex-socialist countries and China. Evidence suggests the growth of dual identification and commitment, to both the employer and the trade union, rather than one sided identification although the pattern varies internationally. The book provides detailed evidence on changes in a wide range of attitudes (job satisfaction/dis-satisfaction, materialism/post-materialism) between the mid 1980s and the mid 1990s, and their implications for trade unions and managers.
Workers, Firms and Unions, Part 1 was published 1998 by Peter Lang, Art. No. 33205.
Contents: K. Suzuki: Preface – A. Ishikawa/R. Martin/W. Morawski/V. Rus: Introduction – A. Ishikawa/C. le Grand: Workers' Identity with the Management and/or the Trade Union – C. Edling: Social Integration and Organisational Commitment: The Case of Electrical Industry Workers in Fourteen Countries – V. Rus/M. Macur: Value Orientations of Employees – T. Shiraishi: Work Satisfaction – E. Asp/H. Uhmavaara: Factors that Should Influence Salary – C. Makó/P. Novoszáth/Á. Veréb: Changing Patterns of Skill and Manpower Use: Improving Labour Flexibility - An International Comparison – M. Maurice: Technicians and Engineers: The Social Construction of Occupational Identity – P. Rella/K. Kodera: Men and Women: Differentiation and Discrimination – J. Kulpińska: Transformation of Working Life in Central Europe – F. Consoli: Workers' Representatives and Trade Unions – W. Morawski: Changing Images of Trade Unions – J. Larrea Gayarre: Industrial Relations in the Mondragón Group: Copreci, Sociedad Cooperativa – V. Rus: Final Comments and Policy Implications.