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Baptism and Faith

Their Relationship in our Salvific Encounter with God Today in the Light of the New Testament Baptismal Theology and Vatican II Sacramental Theology


Cosmas Alule

Baptism is the sacrament of faith par excellence, and Christian faith, the principal and fundamental factor of our salvific process, is ordinarily baptismal. Our Christian existence through faith is, therefore, fundamentally baptismal, that then lives on the Eucharist. This work expounds this theological fact in the light of the New Testament baptismal theology and Vat. II sacramental theology, with corresponding theological-pastoral perspectives, in view of strengthening the baptismal consciousness of today’s Christians and Christian communities.
Contents: Baptism - the sacrament of faith par excellence – Christian faith – Symbolic nature of man – Faith and Baptism – Salvific process.