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In the Name of the Rainbow

Politics of Reconciliation as a Priority of Social Pastoral Care in South Africa and Malawi


Joseph Matthew Mfutso-Bengo

Reconciliation is divine, but it requires a human response. We shall investigate how South Africa and Malawi are managing the transition from resistance to reconciliation and reconstruction. We want to identify structures of conflict management and prevention that have been put in place in South Africa and Malawi. The main questions in this research are: How did individuals, civil society, church groups and political organisations manage to break through the walls of negative, historical conditioning through apartheid in South Africa and dictatorship in Malawi to undergo the painful and yet healing process of democratisation, reconciliation, reconstruction and redistribution? Is globalisation a chance or a crisis of political and economic reconciliation in southern Africa?
Contents: Theology as therapy: politics of reconciliation in praxis – Doing social pastoral care of reconciliation in conflict situations – Politics of reconciliation between ethics and economics – Can there be sustainable political reconciliation without sustainable development? – Preserving bio-diversity: reconciling environmental care with human care.