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Conference Prague 1999

Transitional Societies in Comparison: East Central Europe vs. Taiwan

Taipeh Vertretung in der

After Eastern Central European countries have opened their gates to the world, they experienced similar changes in the aspects of political, economic and social development as Taiwan did. An opportunity for scholars to exchange their observations, reflections towards the transitional situation in all these countries were provided in this conference.
Contents: Jenn-hwan Wang: Civil Society, Democratization, and Governance in Taiwan – Éva Kuti: Contribution of Nonprofit Organizations to the Societal Transformation in Hungary: Achievements and Challenges – Pavol Frič: The State and Nonprofit Sector Development in the Czech Republic – Ladislav Macháček: Creation of Civil Society in Slovakia – Jiunn-rong Yeh: Constitutional Changes, Constitutionalism and Rule of Law in Taiwan: The Role of Council of Grand Justices – Yun-han Chu: Taiwan’s Unique Path to Democracy – Vladimír Krivý: Slovakia: Political Development in the 90s – Michal Illner: The Protracted Reform of Territorial Government in the Czech Republic – Dace Jansone: Some Reflections about the Relationship between Central, Regional and Local Governments in Latvia – Chia-lung Lin: Taiwan’s Emerging Civic Nationalism – Aivars Tabuns: Globalization and National Identity – Joanna Kurczewska: Nationalism in New Poland: Between Culture and Politics – Zuzana Kusá/Andrej Findor: Universal and Particular in Slovakian Troubles with National Identity Construction – Chin-Chun Yi: The Transition of Family Structure and Female Domestic Status in Taiwan – Anna Titkow: Women, Family and Paradoxes of Transformation – Magdalena Piscová: Changes in Family Patterns and Family Structure in the Context of Population Trends in Slovakia – Ludmila Fialová: New Phenomena in the Reproductive Behaviour of Young People in the Czech Republic in the 1990s – Pau-Ching Lu/Wan-I Lin: Social Welfare Policy in Taiwan: Past, Present and Prospects – Martin Potůček: The Czech Social Reform after 1989 - Concepts and Reality – Gejza Blaas: Transformation of Agriculture in Slovakia – Ming-chien Chen: Taiwan’s Agricultural Development and Policy Options – Vìra Majerová: The Development of Czech Agriculture and Countryside from 1989 to 1999 – Talis Tisenkopfs: Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Latvia – György Lengyel: Forms of Capital and Entrepreneurship in Hungary – Soushan Wu: Lessons and Experience of the Recent Social - Financial Activities in Taiwan - Privatization and BOT – Éva Voszka: Privatization in Hungary 1988 - 1998 – Michal Mejstřík: Privatization, Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance in the Czech Republic – Jong-Tsun Huang: Education Reform in Taiwan: Egalitarianism vs. Elitism – Lenka Rovná: European Dimension of the Reform of the Higher Education in Pre-Accession Period in the Czech Republic.