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Further Essays on Seneca


Anna Lydia Motto

This book contains eighteen essays on Lucius Annaeus Seneca, renowned Stoic Philosopher and Statesman of the Neronian Age. As author of epistles, treatises, dialogues, dramas, and epigrams, he produced a prolific and varied amount of literary works that have indeed augmented and enriched Rome’s legacy to civilization. Like the previous volume Essays on Seneca (Frankfurt and New York: Peter Lang, 1993), Further Essays deals with Seneca’s major philosophic thoughts as well as his artistry, his style, his wit, his irony; it presents an in-depth analysis of individual topics that serve to reveal the Cordoban Philosopher’s learning, knowledge, humanitas, and deep psychological understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of human nature. Serving as a companion to the 1993 volume, Further Essays portrays again Seneca’s well-earned reputation as distinguished Philosopher and creative artist.
Contents: Essays dealing with Seneca’s views on friendship, on pleasure, on luxury, on the paradox of felicitas, on the paradox of genius and madness, on restlessness and inconstancy, on the profanum vulgus, on the vir ingratus, on cruelty, on vice, on exemplary heroes, on exemplary villains, on satire in the De Brevitate Vitae, on culinary satire, on irony in Seneca’s bestowal of thanks to Nero and three essays on Senecan drama.