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Aspects of Sustainable Economic Development


Gustav Dieckheuer and Boguslaw Fiedor

Sustainable development has become one of the topics in modern economics. Since the Club of Rome pointed to limitations of economic growth caused by shortage of natural resources and environmental destruction, western industrial countries have made efforts to avoid these limitations and to establish conditions for sustainable growth. This is the background of a collection of articles published in this book. They are focused on theoretical analysis of growth and environment, political activities concerning environmental improvement, and actual problems of sustainable development in Poland.
Contents: Franciszek Adamczuk/Jan Rymarczyk: Ecological Problems of the Polish-German Border Region – Bożena Baborska: Sustainable Agriculture - Some Problems of Theory and Practice – Thomas Bittner: Are there lessons from the German Wirtschaftswunder for the transitional economies? – Jürgen E. Blank: Sustainable Use and Conservation of Marine Living Resources – Hartmut Clausen: Aspects of Sustainable Development in Waste Management – Stanisław Czaja/Bogusław Fiedor: Natural Capital, Sustainability of Development and Intergenerational Equity – Malgorzata Domiter/Elzbieta Mirecka: Foreign investments as a factor of economic growth - Polish and German experiences – Matthias Göcke: Investment, Schooling and the Conditions for Endogenous Growth – Andrzej Graczyk/Zbigniew Jakubczyk: Analysis of eco-development in Poland with use of pollutiogeny indexes – Zbigniew Jakubczyk/Sabina Kauf: Logistics Within the Framework of Market-oriented Environmental Protection Strategies – Bozena Klimczak: Ethical Aspects of Sustainable Development – Irena Kociszewska: The Ecologization of Polish Agriculture – Jerzy Kociszewski: Economic Restructuring and the Determinants of Economic Growth – Christian Lütke Wöstmann: Poverty, Growth and the Environment – Eric C. Meyer: Social Aspects of Sustainability – Rafał Miłaszewski: Application of economic instruments in water pollution control – Marian Noga: Sustainable development and the paradigm of modern neoclassical economics – Jerzy Rymarczyk: International Free Trade and the Problem of Environmental Protection.