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Strategy and International Politics

Essays in Memory of Werner Kaltefleiter


Robert Pfaltzgraff and William R. Van Cleave

Many new – as well as enduring – issues shape international security in the world of the early twenty-first century. The essays in this volume encompass the changing landscape of strategy and assess implications for international politics and national security. Topics include the utility of theories of international politics for understanding the world of the new millennium; the continuing importance of geography in the formulation of strategy; and the intersection between political, economic, and societal factors on the development of strategy.
Analyses of the implications of institutions for national security policy and strategy are set forth in essays on the U.S. Constitution and the roles, respectively, of the Executive Branch and the Congress. Other essays deal with NATO in the early twenty-first century; Germany’s emerging role in international politics; trends shaping future warfare; missile defense; weapons of mass destruction; and regional conflict issues. The volume contains an extended examination of contemporary Russian and Chinese political-military issues and policies, as well as broader analyses of Europe and East Asia as security arenas. The chapters are written by scholars and practitioners from Europe and the United States. Together, they set forth a security agenda for consideration on both sides of the Atlantic.
Contents: Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr./William R. Van Cleave: Introduction – Hans Kammler: Theories of International Politics: Pushing Back the Limits – Erich Weede: The Effects on Economic Growth, Clashes of Civilizations, and Capitalist Values on Future Relations between China and the West – Colin Gray: Inescapable Geography – R. Daniel McMichael: Building Consensus for 21st Century Security Policy – Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr.: International Security: Policy and Strategy – Margo D.B. Carlisle: Congress and U.S. National Security Policy – Edward Keynes: The Constitution, Congress, and Presidential War-Making – Holger H. Mey: Germany’s Role in International Politics – Michael Rühle: NATO: Into the 21st Century – Jacquelyn K. Davis: Trends Affecting Future Warfare – William R. Van Cleave: Missile Defense: Issues and Prospects – Jörg Brechtefeld: Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction – Iain Elliot: Conflict in the Russian Federation: The Tragedy of Chechnya – Robert Harkavy: Escalation Ladders and Escalation Dominance: From the Central Nuclear Balance to New Regional Conflicts – Gottfried-Karl Kindermann: East Asia in 20th Century International Relations.