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Spaces and Crossings

Essays on Literature and Culture in Africa and Beyond


Rita Wilson and Carlotta von Maltzan

This collection of essays includes a variety of approaches to different interpretations of ‘space’. Some deal with aspects of (post)colonialism, mapping, and identity formation, while others grapple with the positionality of ‘in between’ as well as with issues of multiculturalism and intertextuality. The spaces of art, beliefs and institutions are examined, as are the intellectual and artistic activities involved in articulating and defining space. It is a book of tendencies, which gives some indication of the new work being done in South Africa as well as in the broader global context, and reflects different moments of conflict and negotiation within the social relations of different societies from pre-apartheid South Africa to the present. The essays chosen for this volume broach the fantastic and sexual dimensions of cultural spaces and cultural production, issues of marginality and power, hybridity, gender identity, ideology and technology.
Contents: Rita Wilson/Carlotta von Maltzan: Introduction – Vincent Hope: The Perception of Space – William E. Engel: The Space of Translation – Loes Nas: ‘Algebra and Fire’: Doubles, Labyrinths and Chaos in the Later Barth – Gerhard van der Linde: Mapping the Spaces of Investigation – David Coughlan: Situated Intertextuality: Networks, Borders and the Space of Literature – Derek Duncan: The Little Boys Room: Pasolini’s Approach to Homosexuality – James McCorkle: Gender, Text and Space in J.M. Coetzee’s Fiction – Brenda Schmahmann: Woman in Nature - Woman as Nature: George Segal’s Interrogation of a Traditional Theme – Alexander Moore: Measuring the Present, Making Imperial Space – Louise Viljoen: Revisiting the Baobab: Transforming Space into Place in Wilma Stockenström’s The Expedition to the Baobab Tree – Elsie Cloette: Telling and Re-telling Kenya: Another Look at Women’s Autobiography – Johan U. Jacobs: Allegorical Spaces and Actual Places in Postcolonial Novels – Lucy Frost: Terra Nullius and Australia’s Vanishing Bodies – Hermann Wittenberg: Ruwenzori: Imperialism and Desire in African Alpinism – Alida Poeti: Redefining Cultural Spaces: African Voices in Italy – Lekan Oyegoke: Aesthetic Juggling: Spatiality, Temporality and Postcoloniality in African Writing – Ann Smith/Claudia Mitchell: Reading Adolescence as (more than) a Literary Space in some Southern African Fiction – Bert Olivier: Discourse, Space and Violence – Helen Kapstein: Allegories of Space: The Question of Robben Island – Ileana Dimitriu: A New Sense of Social Space: Gordimer’s Civil Imaginary – Jill Daugherty: A Comparison of the Use of Space in Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi and Jane Taylor’s Ubu and the Truth Commission.