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A Prophet in the Making: A Christological Study on Lk 4,16-30

In the Background of the Isaianic Mixed Citation and the Elijah-Elisha References


Raymond Joseph Irudhayasamy

The author’s purpose is to identify the prophetic image of Jesus in Lk 4,16-30 with its special reference to the prophecies of Third Isaiah (61,1-2a and 58,6d) and the prophetic ministries of Elijah-Elisha (1 Kings 17,8-24 and 2 Kings 5,1-14). He argues that it is the intention of Luke to present Jesus in this pericope, both, as one who brings the fulfilment of Scripture and as one who experiences rejection at home, which are two characteristic elements of a prophet.
To support his arguments he cites examples from Luke (Lk 7,16; 13,33; 24,19) in which Jesus was regarded as a prophet possessing such characteristic factors already in his lifetime. The author further claims that the prophecies of Third Isaiah and the references to the healing ministries of Elijah-Elisha mentioned by Luke in his Nazareth-Pericope themselves point to the nature and functions of a prophet. Thus, by projecting Jesus as a prophet, he finally draws the barometer for the future prophetic ministries of the followers of Jesus.
Contents: A Prophet in the Making: A Christological Study on Lk 4,16-30 – Jesus as a Prophet of Fulfilment and Rejection – Jesus, the New Prophet fulfils the Prophecy of Third Isaiah – Jesus, the Prophet in the Typology of Elijah-Elisha.