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Social Justice in a Market Economy


Edited By Hermann Sautter and Rolf Schinke

Latin American market-oriented reforms along the lines of the Washington Consensus need to be supplemented by a number of social policies to achieve a more equitable society. While there has been considerable progress in enhancing the efficiency, much less has been made with regard to improving the social situation. Germany has a long and successful tradition of a social market economy. However, developments in recent years have shown various pitfalls in the current economic and social security systems and the need for appropriate adjustments. Therefore, Germany as well as most Latin American countries have to look for new solutions to combine social justice with economic efficiency. This volume addresses some of the most pertinent problems in this respect.
The Editors: Hermann Sautter: Director of the Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research (IAI) and economics professor at University of Goettingen (since 1992), University of Frankfurt (1978-1992). Member of the Scientific Council of the Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (since 1988) and Chairman of the Committee for Developing Countries of the German Economics Association (1988-1992).
Rolf Schinke: Academic Director at the Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research (IAI); member of an EU mission to Central America (1990-1992); head of a joint research project with the Catholic University, Chile, the University of Chile and the IAI.