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The Gendered World of the Bauhaus

The Politics of Power at the Weimar Republic’s Premier Art Institute, 1919-1932

Anja Baumhoff

This book examines for the first time the gender policy of the Bauhaus, thereby shedding new light on the avant-garde school. An examination of the relationship between its famous artist-teachers not only with their male and female students but also with the masters of craft, the workshop leaders, who were supposedly their equals, reveals that the credo of equality was rarely adhered to. The artistic avant-garde of the Weimar Republic turns out to have been socially much more conservative than had previously been imagined.
Contents: The Bauhaus and its History – Progressive Modernism and Gender at the Bauhaus – Power and Status among Painters and Handicraftsmen – Sexual Politics of the Bauhaus – The Weaving Workshop – A Woman’s Conception of the Female Self – The Pottery Workshop – The Metal Workshop – The Gender Conceptions of Gropius, Itten, Klee, Kandinsky.