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Flood Risks and Land Use Conflicts in the Yangtze Catchment, China and at the Rhine River, Germany

Strategies for a Sustainable Flood Management- Selected Papers and Abstracts presented at a German-Chinese Symposium, Tagungsstätte Walberberg, 31 August - 02 September 2000


Lorenz King, Martin Metzler and Tong Jiang

In recent decades a dramatic increase in the frequency and intensity of floods has been observed. Of all natural hazards encountered in the world, floods are among the most frequent and costliest in terms of economic losses, and they cause the largest number of deaths.
This publication is the result of a bilateral German-Chinese symposium and deals with flood related issues along the Rhine and the Yangtze, the most important rivers in Germany and China. The book covers a wide range of specific as well as broader topics such as vulnerability, flood risk management and mitigation, land use, sustainable development, and watershed ecology.
This book will serve as a valuable reference for hydrologists, geographers, regional planners, politicians, engineers, scholars or any other person interested in the field of flood management.
Contents: Flood Risks – Land Use – Sustainable Development – Watershed Ecology – Urbanisation – Climatic Change – Soil Erosion – Three Gorges Project – Yangtze River – Rhine River.