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Buero Vallejo’s Theatre (1949-1977)

Coded Resistance and Models of Enlightenment


Susan Willis-Altamirano

Buero Vallejo was not only a dramatist who opposed Francoism, but also totalitarian and Fascist structures per se. He did not purely oppose, he also proposed models of enlightenment to overcome these oppressive structures, models which were not only valid for Spain of the dictatorship but also for the democracy. The messages of his plays are applicable to any modern Western society. Through immersion effects, he challenges readers and authors to experience, reflect upon and break down repressive structures within them. He was and remains an author of our times in his permanent concern for the cause of enlightenment of mankind.
The Author: Susan Willis-Altamirano was born in 1958 in a district of Greater London. She obtained a B.A. in European Studies, majoring in French and Spanish from the University of Bath, Avon in 1980. During the course of her studies, she spent one year in France at the University of Limoges. She later moved to Germany and obtained her «Magister Artium» in French, Spanish and English and her Ph.D. in General and Comparative Literature from the Freie Universität Berlin. Since 1987 she has been tutoring in adults in various languages, learning methods, communication and literature.