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Women Farmers

Enhancing Rights, Recognition and Productivity


Patrick Webb and Katinka Weinberger

The book derives from a meeting of more than 120 scientists, politicians and practitioners from 34 countries – people of very diverse backgrounds – who came together to discuss the extent of gains made by rural women after 25 years of increasingly «gendered» development. It was a time to ask whether agricultural interventions (projects or policies) initiated, funded and implemented in the name of «women’s development» had made any difference? The general conclusion was: yes. But, neither as much as needed, nor as sustainable as hoped for.
Research reported in this volume shows that women do not automatically gain from development interventions even if they were explicitly singled out for attention, and gains for women in one area of their life can entail losses in another.
Contents: Patrick Webb/Jennifer Coates/Katinka Weinberger: Despite Discrimination: The Success of Women Farmers in a World of Constraints – Anita Spring: Positive Effects of Agricultural Commercialisation on Women Farmers: A New Paradigm – Michael Bruentrup: Cashing in on Technological Change: Women and Cotton in Benin – Shantana R. Halder: Weaving the Fabric of Agriculture: Sericulture in Bangladesh – Bola Akanji: Traded and Non-Traded Commodities in Nigeria’s «Traditional Agriculture» – Dorrit R. Posel: Women Wait, Men Migrate: Gender Inequality and Migration Decisions in South Africa – Egnonto M. Koffi-Tessio: Does More Education Lead to Higher Production or Flight from Agriculture? – Farzana Bari: Paradox in Pakistan: High Farm Earnings But Low Social Status – Josef Kienzle/Úna Murray: Re-Tooling: Gender Dimensions of Agricultural Production Technology – Anne Floquet: Can Technologies be Targeted Towards Women’s Needs? A Case Study from Benin – Robert Otsyina/Bakengesa Siima: Fodder Banking in Peri-Urban Dairy Production: The Experience of Tanzanian Women – Katinka Weinberger: The Determinants of Women’s Participation in Rural Chad – Zhu Ling/Jiang Zhongyi: Gender Inequality in the Land Tenure System of China – Renée Giovarelli/Jennifer Duncan: Women and Rural Land Rights in Transition Countries: A Comparative Perspective – Monica Fong: Gender Analysis in Sector Wide Assistance in Agriculture.