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European Voluntary Service for Young People

Questions of Status and Problems of Legal Policy

Klaus Sieveking

The Community action programme «European Voluntary Service for Young People» (EVS), established in 1998, became part of the Community action programme «Youth» in April 2000. The EVS is open to young people aged 18 to 25 who have their legal residence in an EC member state, Norway or Iceland. The aim is to enable them to spend some time abroad, be it long-term (6 to 12 months) or short-term (3 weeks to 3 months), working in a non-profit project of a humanitarian, cultural, ecological or social kind.
The publication comprises selected contributions to an international conference which took place in Bremen in April 1999. It was organised by the Centre of European Law and Politics at the University of Bremen in cooperation with the German office «Youth for Europe» and with the support of the European Commission.
Contents: Hans Koschnick: Foreword – Wilhelm Mader: Institutionalised Voluntariness? Youth Voluntary Services in Civil Society – Ulrich Beckers/Klaus Sieveking: European Voluntary Service for Young People - An Introduction to the Present Debate – Maria de Graça Barbedo: Is There a Need for National and European Regulation of the European Voluntary Service? – Claire Fitzsimons: The Effects of the European Voluntary Service - First Results (Tables) – Heike Brandes: Acquiring Competence in the Context of «European Voluntary Service» – Hans Georg Wicke: On the Situation of European Voluntary Service in the Federal Republic of Germany – Michel Ph. Mattoug: Working on Europe - Working in Europe. Strategies and Dilemmas. Report and Reflections on European Voluntary Service in France – Tony Vickers: Country Report England – Regine Schröer: Voluntary Services in the Netherlands – Martina Iannizzotto: The European Voluntary Service Within the Italian Voluntary Service and the Third Sector – Knut R. Steenberg: Country Report Norway – Rolf Schuler: Concept of European Voluntary Service and the Status of Young Volunteers in Terms of Labour, Social and Tax Laws – Nathalie Stengel-Deroide: How Do Host Projects and Projects Sending Out Young Volunteers Organise the Educational Aspect of European Voluntary Service? – Werner Wüstendörfer: Transnational Conflicts in Voluntary Service Activities - Performance Standards – Theobald Rieth: The European Voluntary Service: Situation and Experience in the «Third Countries Programme» - here: in Central and Eastern European Countries.