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The Divine Struggle

Divine – Cosmic – Human Relationship in Jer IX


Arasakumar Rayappan

The book of Jeremiah presents the biblical story of the divine – cosmic – human relationship with a special focus on its divine dimension. Yahweh, who loves his people passionately and longs to be loved by them, undergoes an inner struggle since his expectations go unfulfilled. The disloyalty of his chosen people and their defiling of his precious land grieve him to the heart. Justice demands punishment, but the very thought of punishing his people is painful to him. Even when he allows the judgement to take its course, he suffers with his people and with nature which also bears the consequences of sin and judgement. Jer 9 articulates this divine agony in Yahweh's own words. The text offers great challenges to us in the age of globalisation and ecological crises.
Contents: Literary Analysis – Delimitation – Translation – Literary Forms: Literary Context of Jer 9 – Structure of Jer 9 – Interpretation – Divine Struggle – Theological Explanation – Communal Lament – Ultimate Solution – Contextual Study – The Passionate God of Jeremiah – The Indian Perspective – Our Global Village.