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Law and Economics for Landlines Telecommunications

Liberalisation, Regulation and Deregulation in Germany


Albrecht von Breitenbuch

The aim of this book is to give an overview over the market for public landlines telecommunications in Germany. It focuses on past legal and economic development towards competition. Over the last few years this market has changed from state monopoly to a regulated, but highly competitive and diversified marketplace. This book evaluates the process of how the legal environment has been adjusted to establish sustainable competiton and how liberalisation has gained momentum since economic forces and technology have been given their full scope for market power. After considerable progress has been made in some submarkets it seems to be time to enter into deregulation.
Contents: The Law for Telecommunications – The Market for Landlines Telecommunications – From Monopoly to Competition: Deutsche Telekom AG – Regulation and Deregulation in Telecommunications.