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Representations of Modernity, Tradition and Cultural Value in-between Central Europe and North America

Susan Ingram, Markus Reisenleitner and Cornelia Szabó-Knotik

The contributions in this volume address the ways the two imagined (cultural) spaces commonly designed as ‘Central Europe’ and ‘North America’ have mutually attributed meanings to each other and set out to trace patterns and structures resulting from this process. Rather than concentrate on what happens when cultural forms and practices travel across the Atlantic the focus lies on the contexts of their insertion into the ‘other’ culture. The articles draw attention to how those complexities and contradictions are resolved on an ideological basis in order to produce the kind of stability that is the hallmark of geo-cultural place signification, but also, conversely, the revenge of a spatialized history, the reassertion of their temporality that cultural practices produce when they reverberate in displacement.
Contents: James Deaville: Cakewalk in Waltz Time? African-American Music in Jahrhundertwende Vienna – Martina Nußbaumer: « gesegneten Lande der Erfindungen so wenig musikalische Erfindung...»: Perceptions of American Musical Culture in Vienna around 1900 – Michael Saffle: Cultural Transfer, Identity and Otherness, and Depictions of Musical Vienna in the New York Times, 1918-1938 – Peter Stachel: «I even ask the Putzfrau with the Buerschtl»: How the Blues Came to Austria – Barbara Boisits: Austria’s Neue Volxmusik: The Sound of the Global Village? – Nada Bezić: Around the World With Croatian Tamburitza – Cornelia Szabó-Knotik: Dreams of Exotic Beaches – Paulus Ebner: Go East, Young Man! A Comparison of The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks (1924) and Mr. Pim (1929-30) – Alexandra Seibel: A Topography of Excess: Visions of Vienna in Erich von Stroheim’s The Wedding March (1928) – Susan Ingram: Modernity, Modernism and Canadian Film: A Rhapsody in Two Languages – Andriy Zayarnyuk: Closing Modernity: Ukrainian Emigration and Images of America – Natalia Shostak: On Local Readings of Overseas Kin: Visions from Ukraine – Johannes Feichtinger: Migration - Cultural Transfer - Scientific Change: Austrian Scholarly Traditions and their Impact on Scholarship and Science in the Americas 1933-1945 – Markus Reisenleitner: Beach-Haus vs. Traum(a) Factory: The L.A. Experience through Central European Eyes – Wladimir Fischer: America as a Circus: Antun Gustav Matoš’s Multiple Perspectives on Modernity – Helga Mitterbauer: Fear - Despair - Insanity: The City of New York as a Vanishing-Point of Accelerated Modernity.