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Environmental Careers, Environmental Employment and Environmental Training

International Approaches and Contexts


Walter Leal Filho

This book presents an overview of experiences, projects and approaches related to employment in the environment sector and of trends related to sustainability. It also contains an article on career prospects for women in the field of engineering, of which environmental engineering is an important component. This publication, prepared as part of the project «Careers in Engineering» funded by the EU’s LEONARDO Programme, documents a variety of experiences on environmental training useful to those involved with curriculum development, curriculum planning and other aspects of environmental education.
Contents: Lucy McAuley/Lisa Looney: Experiences of Women Engineers in Ireland – Walter Leal Filho: Fostering Employment in the Environment Sector in Europe: Results of the German Survey – Joachim Loeper/Norbert Juraske: Continuing Education in the Environmental Sciences - Experience in Distance Education – Ursula Klaschka: Six Suggestions on How to Improve Environmental Education at Universities of Applied Sciences – Rod S. Barratt: Environmental education at a distance - Producing practical problem solvers – Petr Šauer: Minor Specialisation: Good Opportunities for Environmentally Profiled Graduates from an Economics University – Katarina Larsen/Walter Leal Filho/Folke Snickars: Approaches to environmental growth and development - experiences from the project Competence Centres on the Environment – Harald A. Mieg: Professionalization and Professional Activities in the Swiss Market for Environmental Services – Roger H. Bezdek: The Environmental Protection Industry and Environmental Jobs in the U.S.A. – Walter Leal Filho: Environmental Management, Employment and Economic Growth - An analysis of trends in Europe.