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Aspects of Binding in Bulgarian


Christo Moskovsky

This work investigates reflexive and pronominal binding in Bulgarian within a Government/Binding framework. The investigation is specifically concerned with locality constraints on anaphoric binding and complementarity in the distribution of reflexives and pronominals, and addresses a variety of related issues which have long been problematic for the Binding Theory. The analysis of a range of Bulgarian data indicates that existing formulations of binding domains are descriptively inadequate to the locality constraints operating in Bulgarian. The book proposes a different approach to the problem, incorporating LF movement of reflexives and an entirely new locality constraint: the core binding domain.
Contents: The Binding Theory – Locality constraints on anaphora – Complementarity in the distribution of reflexives and pronominals – Long-Distance reflexives – Reflexive and pronominal binding in Bulgarian – Condition (B) and language acquisition – The Binding Theory and the Minimalist Program.