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Searching for New Contrasts

Whiteheadian Contributions to Contemporary Challenges in Neurophysiology, Psychology, Psychotherapy and the Philosophy of Mind

Franz Riffert and Michel Weber

A. N. Whitehead’s extensive and impressive philosophical work planted seeds that came into harvest only decades after his death and sometimes even in fields that he himself did not extensively cultivate. The philosophy of the mental sciences (broadly construed) is an example of this. As this collection demonstrates in impressive detail, Whiteheadian ideas and theories can be pressed into useful service to advance our understanding of a wide variety of uses in this area. The twenty papers that comprise this volume deal in this way with a wide variety of issues in neurophysiology, psychology, psychotherapy, and the philosophy of mind. All of them are of a high level of insight and interest and they come here to give a striking demonstration of the scope and fertility of Whiteheadian ideas throughout this wide spectrum of important issues. In reading this book, students of Whitehead will be fascinated by those applications of his thought and practitioners of the mental sciences will be impressed by the relevance and fertility of the work of this great twentieth century philosopher.
Nicholas Rescher
University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh
Contents: F. Riffert/M. Weber: Foreword – F. Riffert/J. Cobb: Introduction – J. Brown: Value in Mind and Nature – S. Hameroff: Consciousness, Whitehead and Quantum Computation – M. Kinsbourne: Consciousness – A. Schweiger: The Common Origin of Perception and Action – J.-C. Dumoncel: Whitehead’s Faculty-Psychology – J. Pickering: Psychology Moves Towards Whitehead – F. Riffert: On Scientific Confirmation of Causal Efficacy – P. Rodrigo: What is Called «Feeling»? – L. Vanzago: The One and the Many – J. Cobb: Psychotherapy in Process – D. Roy: The Promise of Process Psychology – C. Sherlock: The Universality of Impermanence – M. Weber: The Art of Epochal Change – L. Albertazzi: A Psychology for the Ecosystem – M. Bickhard: Mind as Process – P. Farleigh: Direct Realism in Perception and Memory – D. Galin: Untangling «Self», «Person», and «I» – W. Seager: Whitehead and the Revival (?) of Panpsychism – A. Weekes: Psychology and Physics Reconciled.