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Political Socialisation, Participation and Education

Change of Epoch – Processes of Democratisation


Heinz Sünker, György Széll and Russell Farnen

Given the catastrophic history of the ‘short 20th century’ (Hobsbawm), the crucial question facing the new millennium – all over the world – is that of the future social as well as political development. At the centre of our engagement with this question should lie reflections on participatory forms of democratisation in as many societies around the globe as possible, so as to make globalisation more than simply an economic theme. Such reflections – as the contributions in this book show – from this perspective would also examine the possible ways in which relations might be constituted within political socialisation, participation and education. These concepts are in turn to be explored in the substantive discussions of ‘democracy’ and ‘democratisation’ in relation to individuals as well as political systems. If educational policy is social policy, if a democratic society demands citizens who are educated and thus capable of political action, the themes ‘Political Education’ and ‘Political Socialisation’ need to be addressed anew, and this is equally important for a rethinking of the future of the ‘political’ more generally. The contributions to the book contribute to a challenging debate.
Contents: Russell Farnen/Heinz Sünker/György Széll: Introduction to the Research Themes Socialization, Participation, Education, and Democratization Themes – Heinz Sünker: Political Socialization, Participation, and Education: Change of the Epoch - Processes of Democratization – György Széll: Workplace, Democracy and Alienation - a Modern Drama until now in three Acts with a Prologue – Volkmar Kreißig: Participation in the Organization of Production - Democratizing the Work Process? – Catherine Casey: Work, Welfare and Politics: the New Zealand Experience – Robert van Krieken: When is Child Welfare Cultural Genocide? On the Politics of the Organized ‘Improvement’ of Children’s Lives – Heinz Sünker: The Politics of Social Welfare: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Social Work – Russell Farnen: Political Socialization, Culture, and Education in 21st Century USA and Canada: State of the Art in North America – Douglas Kellner: Globalization, September 11, and the Restructuring of Education – Mark Terkessidis: Migration and Political Education in Germany: Regarding the Neglected Question of Citizenship – Peter McLaren: Critical Pedagogy in the Shadow of Terror: A Marxist Educator’s Reflections from Ground Zero – Erika Richter: Violence, Peace, and Intercultural Education - Perspectives for a Developing World-Society? – Philip Wexler: Political Socialization: Resacralization and Revitalization of Education and Society – Yuri Krasin/Julia Rozanova: Public Sphere and Public Policy in Russia: Lessons of a Decade of UCGF Partnership – Russell Farnen/Heinz Sünker/György Széll: Socialization, Participation, Education, and Democratization: Conclusions and Interpretations.