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The Lexicon in Focus

Competition and Convergence in Current Lexicology

Leila Behrens and Dietmar Zaefferer

When something is in focus, light falls on it from different angles. The lexicon can be viewed from different sides. Six views are represented in this volume: a cognitivist view of vagueness and lexicalization, a psycholinguistic view of lexical access in speech production, a patholinguistic view of lexical organization in schizophrenics, and three analyses from different points of view in computational linguistics, which deal with problems of the syntax-semantics interface, compositionality, and systematic polysemy. A metalinguistic initial contribution outlines the historical development of lexical semantics with its complementary, competing and converging strands. The introduction completes this integration of the different facets of research into a wider picture of lexicology.
Contents: Leila Behrens/Dietmar Zaeffer: Introduction – Dirk Geeraerts: The Theoretical and Descriptive Development of Lexical Semantics – Cornelia Zelinsky-Wibbelt: Lexical Vagueness, Referential Variation and Lexicalization – Ardi Roelofs: Modeling of Lexical Access in Speech Production: A Psycholinguistic Perspective on the Lexicon – Michael Schecker: The Frayed Thread of Associations in Schizophrenics and What It Tells Us about How the Brain Processes Lexical Items – Jürgen Oesterle: Measure Expressions and Lexicon Theory – Dafydd Gibbon: Compositionality in the Inheritance Lexicon: English Nouns – James Pustejovsky: Polysemy and Underspecification.