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Non-Ontological Constructs

The Effects of Abaelard's Logical and Ethical Theories on His Theology: A Study in Meaning and Verification


Heretofore, Abaelard's theology has been examined in close connection with his studies on Aristotelian logic. It is here argued that Abaelard's criticism of Aristotle implies a logico-linguistic approach which is much closer to the Stoics. While definite traces of this non-ontological linguistic approach appear in the first theological work and its parallel texts in the continuum, his later theological writings, equally intent on avoiding talk of ontological substances, are closely related to Stoic notions which Abaelard had already worked through in his Ethics.
Contents: Impersonal Reference in the Grammatical and Logical Texts - The Dictum Theory - The Lekton Theory - Definitions and Descriptions - Relevation, Verification and Meaning.