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Developing International Business in the Context of Culture and Ethics in Transformation

The Example of China


Ingmar M. Wienen

In an era of globalization, a central question is how to develop business activities across cultural divides. Two years of participating observation were spent in China to analyze the history and culture of the country, as well as the legal, political and education systems. The study also includes subjects more directly linked to business activities: the definition of economic regions, changes in the national economic model and their impact on the Chinese people, and finally business practices in China. Based on these findings, a guide for doing business in a foreign culture is presented. This addresses the process of building business step by step from preparing for market entry and understanding government policy and relevant laws to investigating the environment and starting the operation. Special attention is paid to Human Resource Management and relationship building including personal and public relations.
Contents: Brief introduction to the Chinese history and culture – Broad description of the Chinese legal, political and education systems – Market economy and the Chinese people – Negotiation in China – Preparing for market entry – Dealing with Human Resources issues and creating relationships – Promoting products and services.