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Language Function, Structure, and Change

Essays in Linguistics in Honor of Tomasz P. Krzeszowski


Wieslaw Oleksy

Language Function, Structure, and Change brings together sixteen contributions by leading Polish linguists on cognitive and contrastive linguistics, semantics and pragmatics, historical linguistics, and language teaching and translation studies. The papers contained in this volume bear witness to the continued development and theoretical diversification of the field of English language study and general linguistics in Poland. The volume is dedicated to Tomasz P. Krzeszowski, professor of linguistics at Warsaw University, an outstanding Polish linguist whose contribution to the theory of Contrastive and Cognitive Linguistics has been internationally recognized.
Contents: Wiesław Oleksy: Tomasz P. Krzeszowski on Language Theory, Contrastive Linguistics, Language Pedagogy, and Translation Theory and Practice: A Chronological Bibliography – Jan Cygan: Four or two? On the basics of life and language – Roman Kalisz: Self-detachment in official letters of Polish prisoners – Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky: Informativity in conversation – Michał Post: Axiological assessments underlying illocutionary and perlocutionary acts – Piotr Stalmaszczyk: A note on Frege’s saturated functions and predication types – Aleksander Szwedek: Shared or inherited entailments among metaphors? – Kamila Turewicz: Grammatical structure as conceptual structure: evidence from language death – Zdzisław Wąsik: On two concepts of verbal sign in Ferdinand de Saussure’s Cours de linguistique générale – Wiesław Awedyk: Error analysis and sound change in progress – Adam Pasicki: Some meanings of the adnominal genitive in Old English – Jerzy Wełna: Triggers of sound change in unaccented syllables (Between statistics and phonology) – Maria Dakowska: A cognitive view of foreign language teaching. Current trends and prospects for the future – Bogdan Krakowian: Receptive grammar of English for Polish adult learners – Wojciech Kubiński: Prolegomenon to a cognitive theory of translation? – Alicja Pisarska: The notion of error in translation – Elżbieta Tabakowska: Aspect and Tense in Narrative: an English original and a Polish translation.