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Computer-Assisted Music Analysis (1950s-1970s)

Essays and Bibliographies


Nico Schüler

Computer-assisted music analysis, which emerged about 60 years ago, provides analytical tools that help solve stylistic, comparative, structural, and other problems. Unfortunately, most research in this area has been carried out without any explicit review of preceding attempts and accomplishments. This book provides a historical account and framework of methods of computer-assisted music analysis, including critical reflections. The source materials consist of hundreds of published and unpublished writings, including dissertations and internal research papers from many countries. Each thematic essay contains an extensive bibliography; an alphabetical and a chronological bibliography are also provided.
Contents: On Developments of Music Encoding – Statistical and Information-Theoretical Measurements – The Development of Computing Technology – Predecessors and the Beginnings of Computer-Assisted Music Analysis (CAMA) – CAMA in the 1960s; CAMA in the 1970s – Alphabetical Bibliography – Chronological Bibliography.