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Teaching Sustainability at Universities

Towards curriculum greening


Walter Leal Filho

It is now beyond any doubt that higher education institutions around the world are beginning to recognize that they have a unique responsibility towards the goal of sustainability. Universities are an integral part of the global economy and since they prepare most of the professionals who are occupying key positions today and who will do so in the future, they are uniquely positioned to influence the direction we choose to take as a society. This book, published in cooperation with the University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF), documents a wide range of works undertaken in respect of sustainability teaching, with inputs from various authors from countries as varied as Brazil, Mexico, Latvia, South Africa, UK, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada and the United States. Via the descriptions of approaches, methods and projects, it shows how different universities in various parts of the world are facing the challenge of sustainability in respect of teaching. It is a state-of-the-art publication, with a strong technical substance distributed over 31 chapters and in excess of 570 pages. It is a valuable tool to university lecturers, researchers, administrators, university students and other professionals concerned with the implementation of a sustainable development dimension as part of university curricula.
Contents: Richard M. Clugston: Introduction – Walter Leal Filho: Teaching sustainability: some current and future perspectives – Sharon Moran: Stream Restoration: A Senior Seminar Theme – Diane Pruneau/Elizabeth McLaughlin/Joanne Langis/Helene Gravel: Education for Liveable Cities - Environmental and Pedagogical Actions at the University Level – Peggy Barlett/Arri Eisen: The Piedmont Project at Emory University – Debra Rowe: Environmental Literacy and Sustainability as Core Requirements: Success Stories and Models – Constantina Skanavis: Approaching the Issue of Teaching for Sustainable Development at the University of Aegean, Greece – Sandrine Simon: Participatory online environmental education at the Open University UK – Carole G. Basile/Michael P. Marlow: The Rocky Mountain Front Range: A Context for Sustainable Development in Teacher Education – Margaret B. Bogan: Towards a Sustainable Future: Advocating Best Practice in Environmental Education at the Florida Gulf Coast University – J.G. Ferreira: Teaching sustainability and biodiversity through distance education: are we doing enough? – Janet E. Dyment/Constance L. Russell/Lesley P. Curthoys/Brent Cuthbertson/Tom G. Potter: Sustainability Education in an Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism Programme in Canada – Leesa Fawcett/Anne C. Bell/Constance L. Russell: Guiding Our Environmental Praxis: Teaching and Learning for Social and Environmental Justice – Alison Harmon: Teaching Sustainability Using the Food System as a Model – Rosalyn McKeown/Charles Hopkins: «Weaving Sustainability into Pre-Service Teacher Education Programs» – Scott Carlin: Transitioning to the Sustainable Campus: A Case Study of Southampton College, Long Island University – Ineke C. Lock/William H. Mohns: Creating a course where there wasn’t one before: A Student-Initiated University Seminar in Sustainable Development – Beth Savan/David V.J. Bell: Curriculum Development for Community Sustainability – A.F. Kirkels/A.M.C. Lemmens/F.L.P. Hermans/D.A.A. v. Noort/A.H.M. Siepe: Curriculum Greening at Eindhoven University of Technology – Luis E Velazquez: A Mexican Model for Teaching Sustainability in Universities – Angela Cahill/Linda Chalker Scott: Sustainable Community Landscapes – Mick Womersley/Christopher Marshall: Educating American Youth: Unity College’s Required Courses in Sustainability – N. Dourala/A. Boura/N. Moussiopoulos: Teaching Sustainability at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece – Eric Pallant: Allegheny College: Bringing Sustainability to Northwest Pennsylvania – J.L. Hoeffel/ A.A.B. Fadini/C.F.S. Suarez: Environment, sustainable tourism and academic responsibility – Maria Novo: Higher Environmental Education in the XXI Century: Towards a new Interpretative Paradigm – Niko Roorda: Assessment and Policy Development of Sustainability in Higher Education with AISHE – Evangelia Mavrikaki/Argyris Kyridis: The use of «debates» for promoting sustainable development teaching at Greek Universities – Patricia Phumpiu/Jan-Erik Gustafsson: Raising Awareness on Sustainability via an Integrated Environmental Excursion – John Moore: Observing the Earth, Visualizing the Future: Concepts and Pedagogical Strategies in Earth Systems Science Education in Teaching Sustainability for K-12 Teachers – Maris Klavins: The Concept of Sustainability in University Curricula in Latvia: A Case Study for Countries in Transition – Richard M. Clugston/Wynn Calder/Peter Blaze Corcoran: Teaching Sustainability with the Earth Charter.