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Documentation on «Kaleidoscope of Postmodernism»

Irish Narration from the 1970s to the 1990s- «I write, therefore I am...»


Andrea Beck

Irish Postmodernism is a still unfinished project. The variety of critical approaches to its literature reflects its complexity. This study queries representative current discussions, emphasising aspects like nationhood, postcolonialism, genre and gender and offers an insight in the latest interpretations of John Banville’s so-called ‘tetralogy’ ( Doctor Copernicus, Kepler, The Newton Letter, Mefisto). Different facets of postmodern theory are applied to an exemplary analysis of three novelistic works (Banville’s Eclipse, Tóibín’s The Blackwater Lightship, Madden’s One by One in the Darkness). A survey of opinions and reviews published on novels by John Banville, Seamus Deane, Dermot Healy, Deirdre Madden and Colm Tóibín discussed in Kaleidoscope of Postmodernism rounds the study off.

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